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Terms of our contract

The terms set out in this document are part of a binding contract between you as the advertiser and us as the publisher. These terms are imposed whether the order form or any other document you agree to also makes reference to this document. Phonebook Directory is a trading name of White Mansion Holdings Ltd.

Our contract period

As an advertiser you will usually be billed on the first day from which you take a contract with us, pending receipt of any completed order forms and specifications. Your contract will be serviced as a 30 day rolling contract and you have the right to cancel with 30 days notice to us. Once cancellation is in effect, the contract will end and your advertisement will be removed from our site. No further payments will be requested.

Any payments made to us will be made in pounds sterling (GBP) and are exclusive of any VAT that is applicable. VAT will be payable in addition to our published rates if necessary. Late payments will accrue interest at a rate of 2% per annum above the published base rate of lending from Barclays Bank PLC until such time as the bill is settled. Failure to pay will result in the advertiser becoming liable for all our costs and charges, including legal fees, that we incur whilst trying to recover the payment. In the case of an unpaid invoice, we reserve the right to suspend or remove your advertisement, and may post an “account suspended” notice in the place of your company information.

Ordering with us

We accept orders for advertising via online booking forms, over the phone, via email and other means, and at the point of receipt of such booking information will consider this as your acceptance of the order and of these terms and conditions of contract.

Your responsibilities

When placing an order with us, advertisers confirm that:

  • You have the legal right or authority to publish the content found within your advertisement
  • Your advertisement does not infringe upon any rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights
  • Your advertisement complies with codes of practice from the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) and any other relevant codes of practice for your industry
  • You are fully responsible for the terms of contract relating to the sale of services or goods to any customers who have viewed the advertisement on our site

About your privacy

We take our customers privacy very seriously and always take appropriate steps to ensure the protection and security of any details we hold about you in relation to this order. We do not share any of your details with third parties, and never store any credit card information.

Cancellations and refunds

All advertisers have a period of 7 days in which ‘cooling off’ takes place. If you decide to cancel your advertisement within this period, you will be refunded in full and no further charges will be made. Beyond the 7 day period you are deemed to have accepted the terms of this contract and will be billed accordingly.


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